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Extended Stay Venues

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Roamer1 Reseller Program

Working in partnership with the world’s leading Wi-Fi providers, Roamer1 has developed a full service reseller program which offers you the opportunity to build your own internet service provider (Hotspot) business.

The Roamer1 Reseller Program is a lucrative opportunity to provide small businesses with Wi-Fi hotspot access. Each new customer you sign on to the network is your customer to keep for life. We provide the cloud controller to you, you provide the service to your clients.

Benefits of the Roamer1 Reseller Program:

For anyone interested in owning their own business, there is no better way to get started. Roamer1’s reseller program is the only one of it’s kind that provides newcomers access to a centralized cloud controller, while also providing unlimited growth potential with the Roamer1 brand.

Our world-wide network provides unlimited scalability, which means the number of clients that you serve, the demographic you capture, and, therefore, the amount of profit you can make is limited only by your own ambition.

To find out more or to join the Roamer1 Reseller Program, call us at 1-877-926-2023 or click the link below to email us:

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Interested in Becoming an Affiliate?

Roamer1 is a Hotspot provider that is seeking to expand our fast-growing network. We’ve already partnered with industry leaders to ensure that our customers get the best Wi-Fi hotspot service possible. Now we want you to join us.

All you have to do to start earning money with us today is sign up for our affiliate program using the form below. For each customer you refer to the Roamer1 network, you will be paid (X amount $, %). From then on, each time the customer pays for our service you will continue to earn a commission.

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